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What is Docker?

Docker is a containerization platform where we can package our application with its libraries and dependencies inside the container. Docker Container is somewhat like a virtual machine.

How Docker works?

Let us first understand how docker works and we will see how we can overcome the problem of it using podman.

  • A single process could be a single point of failure.
  • This process owned all the child processes (the running containers).
  • If there is any failure in the docker daemon, then every child processes are lost its track.
  • Building containers led to security vulnerabilities.
  • All Docker operations had to be conducted by a user (or users) with the same full root authority.

BTW, What is Podman?

Most importantly, there is no concept called daemon in podman. podman directly interact with Image registry, containers and image storage. with Linux kernel through the runC container runtime process (not a daemon).

Migrating from Docker to Podman

Firstly, migrating from Docker to Podman is very easy.

  • You need to install Podman instead of Docker. You do not need to start or manage a daemon process like the Docker daemon.
  • The commands that you use with Docker will be the same for Podman.
  • Images of Docker is compatible with Podman.
  • Podman stores its containers and images in a different place than Docker.

Containerizing a node.js application with Podman

Before building the container image. Install podman in your local machine.make sure you installed podman correctly by running the following command.

$ podman --version
$ podman build -t podmandemo .
$ cd /etc/containers/ $ sudo nano registries.conf



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